Petzlife Complete coat 8oz

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PetzLife “Complete Coat” is formulated as a topical formula to keep your pet’s coat healthy and, more importantly, to ward off insects and parasites of all types.  It is all-natural and contains NO pesticides.

PetzLife “Complete Coat” is:

  • Non Toxic
  • Non Inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • 100% SAFE FOR Dogs and Cats

Now in a concentrated formula.  Mix right before using for maximum effectiveness!


The primary ingredients are sispanga. Sacha café, and sisopanga rojo.  These  ingredients are from the Quassia Amara (also known as Amargo) family of flora from South America.

Extracts of Quassia wood or bark act as a natural contact insecticide and antiparasitic.   It has been used for years as a natural insecticide for organic farming.  Amargo is also use as an aid for digestive disorders in humans. No adverse effects have been found.   Quassia extract, because of its bitter flavor is used to flavor soft drinks and in the manufacture of bitters.

The Rain-Tree Tropical Plant Database ( lists the curative properties of Amargo as:  kills parasites, kills lice, kills insects, kills larva, and treats malaria.  Amargo wood is  on the FDA’s GRAS list (generally regarded as safe).  Toxicity studies performed reported no toxicity in oral dosages up to 5g. per kg of body weight.

However, “Complete Coat” is not for internal use.  It is a topical treatment applied by being sprayed onto the pet’s coat and massaged in or brushed in to assure complete coat coverage down to the skin.


Directions for use:

1. Spray product to completely cover entire animal

2. Massage or comb product into hair or fur down to skin

3. Let coat dry

4. Apply every 2-5 weeks depending on activity

5. Keep out of eyes

6. Try to avoid letting animal lick hair before it is dry



Safe and effective for YOU  too!

8 oz.


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