Yeti Himalayan Dog Chews


Great for Dental Health – Your dog will love the taste – Long lasting chew

Comes in a variety of sizes .Once your dog gets down to a small piece, please be weary of potential choking hazards. We recommend you microwave the small piece for about 30-45 seconds, the chew will puff up and becomes a crunchy treat. Let it cool, and give it back to the dog to enjoy safely.



SMALL 3.5oz  – Med. 2pk , 5oz  – XL chew 6oz

We highly recommend and encourage all owners to supervise their dog(s) when giving them any dog chews or treats regardless of who you buy from. There are inherent choking hazards present with any small edible pieces.

What is Yeti Dog Chew

Yeti Dog Chew, is a hard cheese that is all natural, and contains no chemicals, no preservatives and no additives. This recipe has been enjoyed by the people in the Himalayan region of Nepal for centuries. The product is a Yak and Cow milk based hard cheese that is now a favorite amongst dogs. The cheese flavor of the chew is very alluring, and the hard texture of the product makes it a perfect and a long lasting dog treat.

Brief history of the product

The yak and cow milk produced in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, usually at or above 15,000 feet, were in abundance and couldn’t all be consumed locally. Due to a lack of modern storage technologies, the people who kept the Yak and cow herds used this recipe to store this precious nutrient. In the local language, it is referred to as “Durkha” meaning Milk Cake, it is also commonly referred by its Tibetan name as “Chhurpi”.

Details of how it’s made

The raw materials used in producing Yeti Dog Chew is a mixture of Yak and Cow milk. The milk is first boiled then poured into a manual Churning barrel that allows for the extraction of most of the prevalent fat. The coagulated mixture is then poured into a sieve so that solid material used to make the cheese is separated from the whey. It is important to note that most of the lactose from the milk is transferred into the whey, therefore the resulting cheese is virtually void of lactose.

The solid is then transferred to burlap sacks where any remaining whey residue and water is meticulously drained out. The soft cheese is then kneaded until the substance is finely blended then hand cut into desired pieces or put into moulds of different shapes and sizes. The cheese is then sundried to attain the perfect hardness and texture.

A trace amount of lime juice mixed in water is used to then clean the dried pieces.

Due to the handmade approach through every step of the process, it is not uncommon for the end product to have a slightly different look or even tint than the next one.

Is milk good for dogs

Some dogs are lactose intolerant; therefore milk in its raw form is generally difficult for dogs to digest. However, the cooking process involved significantly reduces the amount of lactose on the cheese. Most of the lactose is strained away along with the whey, and the resulting cheese is virtually void of lactose. In our experience, we have seen rare instances of temporary mild loose stool occurring after the first use, which we have found to subside without any significant illness. However, please use your discretion if you feel your dog is simply not able to digest the chew. We guarantee to offer you a full refund if you contact us with the issue.

Is the Cheese fattening

The fat content on Yeti Dog Chew is less than 1% of the actual product. Most of the fat is removed at the very early churning stage of the production process.

Expiration Date/Will it go bad

You will notice the packaging doesn’t have any expiration date on it. We have learned over the years that if unused and as long as moisture is kept away from the product, it can last for a couple of years. We include a small Desiccant Pack in each individual item to absorb any moisture in the container after sealing it. As a manufacturer, we are also very mindful about the freshness and the integrity of our products. Our sales and import cycle are scheduled as such as to only offer the freshest of products to our consumers.

Although very rare, but for any reason you see any light green/white spots on the product, please stop feeding it to your dog and contact us immediately for a full refund or a replacement as this is a sign of mold growth from possible moisture seepage into the packaging.

What size of chew do I give my dog

In our experience, we believe it’s always better to get your dog a bigger size chew. However these are the recommended sizes since you know your dogs’ chewing habits better than us: Small Dog Chew: Small dogs Up to 10lb Medium Dog Chew: Medium Dogs up to 25lb Large Dog Chew: Large Dogs up to 45 lb X-large Dog Chew: X-Large dogs, 46 lb and bigger

How do I store the chew

You can reuse the container to cleanly store the chew when not in use. We recommend not putting the cap on during storage. Exposure to moisture and wet conditions for an extended period of time may cause molding, therefore please pat dry the chew if you are planning to store if after use for an extended amount of time.

Will the chews damage my dogs’ teeth?

As with any hard chews, please consider your dogs’ oral health before giving them these treats. Although the treats are hard, once the dog starts to gnaw on it, their saliva will start to soften the outside part of the chew, and they will start scraping off the treat.


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Yeti chew

Size 2pk med., X-Large, Small


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